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At 12:56 PM 3/18/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Robert J Bossi writes: " For better or worse (and I don't want to start this
>thread again) in California an architect may design any building and a civil
>engineer may design any building except a hospitals (including skilled
>nursing facilities) or a public schools.  This is subject only to the general
>limitation that no licensed professional may practice beyond their area of
>Mr. Bossi,
>The  LA code amendment I cited actually requires the SE for the
>structural portion AND a licensed architect for the architectural portion on
>buildings greater than 160 ft. 
>To my knowledge, no court has ruled that a local City cannot further limit
>the license laws of the State. If you have other information, please share
>Tim McCormick, P.E.
>City of Los Angeles
It seems strange that the City Attorney's Office would imply that "no court
has ruled that a local City cannot further limit the license laws of the
State." See Agnew v. City of Los Angeles (1958) 51 Cal.2d 1, a case
involving the Dept. of Building & Safety, where the California Supreme
Court struck down a City of Los Angeles ordinance (Electrical Code)
regulating contractors.