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Re: SE Registration

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ErnieNSE wrote:

> Reading Drew Norman's post that says .........'a person authorized to practice
> structural engineering'......I don't think that one has to be an S.E. to
> practice structural engineering. There must be something specifically
> saying..... 'Licenced Structural Engineer...... C.E.'s have been practicing
> Structural Engineering all the time. They just can't call themselves S.E.'s.

While I don't want to start a fued with the SEs on the list, I have to agree with
Ernie here.. I spent over 90 minutes today going over the Professional Engineers
Act and no where do I find that it defines structural engineering... It does say
that one cannot use the title Structural Engineer unless so licensed... It does
define civil engineering however as follows:

6731.  Civil engineering embraces the following studies or activities in
connection with fixed works for irrigation, drainage, waterpower, water supply,
flood control, inland waterways, harbors, municipal improvements, railroads,
highways, tunnels, airports and airways, purification of water, sewerage, refuse
disposal, foundations, grading, framed and homogeneous structures, buildings, or
   (a) The economics of, the use and design of, materials of construction and the
determination of their physical qualities.
   (b) The supervision of the construction of engineering structures.
   (c) The investigation of the laws, phenomena and forces of nature.
   (d) Appraisals or valuations.
   (e) The preparation or submission of designs, plans and specifications and
engineering reports.
   (f) Coordination of the work of professional, technical, or special
   (g) Creation, preparation, or modification of electronic or computerized data
in the performance of the activities described in subdivisions (a) through (f).

Civil engineering also includes city and regional planning insofar as any of the
above features are concerned therein.

Civil engineers registered prior to January 1, 1982, shall be authorized to
practice all land surveying as defined in Chapter 15 (commencing with Section
8700) of Division 3.

While I'm not an attorney, I would read this to include the engineering required
for structures... and this is structural engineering.

Steve Privett   CE (for 18 years)