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Sulfate Res Conc. & Wate

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Moni Serhal said,

. > I am reviewing the specs for the construction of a RC office building.
. > 
. > ....
. > 
. > The specs call for a sulfate resistant Cement (Type V) to be used in the
. > mat foundation and the below grade basement walls. My personal opinion
. > is that since there is no water and the soil type is rocky with no
. > report of Chloride content, there is no need to use such type of cement,
. > ...

Unless the reviewer wants to take responsibility for the project, I would say 
that a *reviewer's* opinion should not replace that of the designer unless 
there was *something wrong* with what the designer did.  If there is nothing 
*wrong* with using Type V cement where indicated, then there should be no 
objection to it.  If there is something *wrong* about using Type I/II cement 
in another location, then there should be something done about it.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona