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RE: Sulfate Res Conc. & Waterproofing

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Even hundreds of miles from the coast the soil can have high sulfate levels.  Look at the soils report.  Away from the coast the upper levels of a structure have a much lower potential for exposure to sulfates.  I believe that you are confusing sulfates with chlorides.  Although they are present together in sea water. 

ACI has some good guidance on sulfate levels and when to use a type II or a type V.  Type V is indicative of a high sulfate presence in the soils.

On the waterproofing issue: if there is any finished space in the lowest level, you need a vapor barrier.  It would help to know what the function of the structure is.

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I am reviewing the specs for the construction of a RC office building.
The building is about 60ft above sea level and about 2 miles inland from the seashore, and has 3 basement floors. The soil investigation shows no presence of water for at least 25ft below foundation level and the soil type is moderately fractured Limestone.
The specs call for a sulfate resistant Cement (Type V) to be used in the mat foundation and the below grade basement walls. My personal opinion is that since there is no water and the soil type is rocky with no report of Chloride content, there is no need to use such type of cement, actually, it might be more usefull for exposed concrete in the upper floors.
The specs also call for the waterpoofing membrane to continue below the whole area of the 190" mat foundation (tanking.) IMHO there is no need to do that, and waterproofing the basement walls would be enough.
I would appreciate yo'all opinions.
Moni Serhal