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Re: Appropriateness

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Dennis might have been right in thinking that most lurkers are scared to join
because they might say something inappropriate, controversial or just plain
stupid and then suffer the consequences. This was the same reason that I was a
lurker for a while. But after religiously following almost all the threads,
including all the controversies and flames and counterflames, in the end, all
is well.

With my personality, I would not be joining this kind or discusion if it were
"live". I'd  be scared to death thinking what people think of me, what I say
and how I say it. And if I get rebuked or intimdated, I'll probably withdraw,
keep quiet and go home. But in this listserve, nobody can see me, they cannot
yell at me(at least I can't hear it) and I don't have to go home cause I'm at
home already.

I'll give my fellow lurkers some time to get comfortable, feel the listserve
crowd and in due time they will come out of their shell and participate. If
they feel that they get something valuable in this listserve, they owe it to
themselves to contribute and give back something in return. That's how I feel

Ernie Natividad