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Re: Repair Standards before the next one....

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You have raised some issues which OES has been fighting with FEMA on for a
good number of years (and in most cases lost the battle).  I have not seen
the new ICC Property Maintenance Code so I can not really respond on that
document.  The Dangerous Buildings Code does not provide "objective
triggers."  It leaves decisions up to the local jursidiction.  As for
Section 102 of the code, as well as the companion sections in Chapter 34,
authortiy is granted to the building official to make decisions based on
the merits of the case.

In each of these cases, I strongly believe that the Building Officials
should have the power and authortity to make these decisions.  The down
side is that there is a delay in devloping repairs while the building
department reviews the specific damage and makes a determination.  This
process works fairly well from the standpoint of privately owned buildings.
Insurance companies, for the most part, will not provide funds for the
necessary upgrades unless the code specifically requires it.  From the
standpoint of Federal Assistance for publically owned buildings, FEMA's
attitude is that "...they are not going to put a building official in
control of the federal budget."

The only way we will be able to overcome most of these problems is to have
specific triggers with specific levels of repair tied to the triggers.  The
documents referenced in your post do not do that.