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Re: OC Dinner Meeting - March, 1998

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After reading Charles Greenslaw's post on how the SEAOC Committees work, I now
think that maybe they thought that I'm not a good committee material and they
never called me back when I tried volunteering twice (on two different
committees). I called and talked over the phone to the committee chairmen when
I read in the SEAOSC Newsletter about these committees asking for volunteers.
Or maybe there are just too many volunteers that they only called some of
them. But at least they should have called me to let me know what's happening.
Ive stopped responding to their call for volunteers and I'm now concentrating
on volunteering my work on this listserve virtual committee where it is more

On the matter of members with diverse fields and expertise being represented
on all committees, I agree. But the reality is that not everyone can join and
sacrifice time, money and energy. But let's not punish those who are willing
in spirit but weak in action. Let's find a way for them to be at least
represented, their views considered and their efforts appreciated no matter
how small. Maybe when our listserve virtual committee(when it finally gets
going) starts interacting with the real SEAOSC committee, this will be the
start of getting more diverse opinions considered.

Ernie Natividad