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List Acronyms (A-FAQ)

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Here is partial list:

AFAIK - "As Far As I Know"
AKA - "Also Known As"
ASAP - "As Soon As Possible"
BTW - "By The Way"
BRB - "Be Right Back"
FAQ - "Frequently asked questions"
FYI - "For Your Information"
FWIW - "For What It's Worth"
FUBAR - "F'd Up Beyond All Recognition"
GD&R - "Grinning, Ducking and Running (After snide remark)"
IANAL - "I Am Not A Lawyer (But...)"
IDK - "I don't know"
IMHO - "In My Humble Opinion"
IMO - "In My Opinion"
IYKWIM - "If You Know What I Mean"
IYKWIMAITYD - "If You Know What I Mean And I Think You Do"
LOL - "Laughing Out Loud"
OK - abbreviation of "oll korrect", alteration of "all correct" : al
OTOH - On The Other Hand
PITA - "Pain In The Ass"
PMFJI - "Pardon Me For Jumping In"
PS - "Post Script"
TIA - "Thanks In Advance"
TPTB - "The Powers That Be"
TTFN - "Ta Ta For Now"
ROTFL - "Rolling On The Floor Laughing"
RTFM - "Read The F'N Manual
SOHF - "Sense Of Humor Failure"
SWALK - "Sealed With A Loving Kiss"
WRT - "With Respect To"
WYSIWYG - "What You See Is What You Get"
YMMV - "Your Mileage May Vary" (You may not have the same luck I did)
YWIA - "Your Welcome In Advance"
AFK = away from keyboard
BAK = back at keyboard
BRB = be right back
WB = welcome back
GMTA = great minds think alike
WTG = way to go
RSI = repetitive strain injury

:-)     Happy
(-:     Left Handed/Australian
:-(     Sad                  
;-)     Winky               
#-)     Oh, what a night!  
=:O     Yelling/Shocked   
:-|     Frowning         
~~:-[   Net Flame
:-$     Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
:-P     Sticking Out Tongue
:-@     Screaming/Swearing/Very Angry/About To Be Sick
:*)     Drunk/Clown
:-#     Been Smacked In The Mouth/Wears A Brace/Kiss
R-)     Broken Glasses
(:-)    Bald
:-)))   Is Very Fat
:-{}    Wears Lipstick
=:-)    A Dickhead
@:-)    Wears A Turban
$-)     Yuppie/Just Won A Large Sum Of Money
:,(     Crying
:=)     Two Noses
8:]     Gorilla
8-)     Wears Glasses
B:-)    Wears Sun Glasses On Head
:-T     Keeping A Straight Face/Tight Lipped
:-y     Said With A Smile
:-|     Disgusted/Grim/No Expression
:~-(    Crying/Shed A Tear
:'-(    Crying
:~(~~   Crying
:-Q     A Smoker
:-!     A Smoker
%-\     Has A Hangover
|-o     Bored
:-X     A Kiss/Lips Are Sealed
(:-D    Has A Big Mouth
(:+)    Has A Big Nose
:-{)    Has A Moustache
:-*     Just Ate Something Sour/Bitter Taste/Kiss
[:-)    Is Wearing A Walkman
(:-)     Bicycle Helmets
:-)'     Tends To Drool
=:-)     Punk
+-:-)    The Pope
O:-)     An Angel
*<:-)>   Santa
o-<:-{{{ Santa
*<|:-)   Santa/A Clown
5:-)     Elvis Presley
:-%      Banker
:-:      Mutant Smiley
(-:|:-)  Siamese Twins
7:-)     Fred Flinstone
:/7)     Cyrano de Bergerac

C):-O    A Barbershop Quartet

3:-o     A Cow
8:-)     A Pig/A Little Girl
:\/      A Woodpecker
]:->     The Devil
,-)      A One Eyed Winky
|-(      Lost Contact Lenses
#:-)     Matted Hair/Fur Hat/Crewcut/Messy Hair
&:-)     Curly Hair
C=:-)    A Chef
@}->--   A Rose
=|:-)=   Uncle Sam/Abe Loncoln
7:)      Ronald Reagan
+<:-|    Monk/Nun
:_)      A Boxer/Had a Fight/Nose Is Sliding Of Face
:{        A Psycho
(:I      An Egghead
b:-)     A Baseball Fan/Has A Cap On
(-)      Needs A Haircut
;-(*)    Feels Sick
*****:-) Marge Simpson
[:]      A Robot
:-[      A Vampire/Count Dracula/Pouting/Sarcastic
:-F      A Bucktoothed Vampire/Has Major Dental Problems
:=)      Orangutan/Has Two Noses
:-?      Smokes A Pipe
:-8(     Condescending
8-#      Death/Dead
;^)      Smirking
:-----}  Liar/Pinnochio
!-(      Black Eye
)        Cheshire Cat
(:-D     Blabber Mouth
A Schizo *#*!^*&:-) phrenic
:-'|     Has A Cold/Flu
:$)      Donald Trump
:-.)     Marilyn Monroe/Madonna
:-)  8   Dolly Parton
:-|:-|   Deja'vu
<*:oDX   A Clown
C|:-=    Charlie Chaplin
: .)     Cindy Crawford
 =)      Adolf Hitler
~:o      A Baby
===:-D   Don King
8(:-)    Mickey Mouse/Walt Disney
(|-|  F  Robocop
3:*>     Rudolph the Reindeer
P-)      A Pirate
%-~      Picasso
':-)     Has One Eyebrow

>We should get Shafat to include frequently used email acronyms to his
>frequently asked questions which he regularly post in this list serve. I know
>some but not all.
>Ernie Natividad

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