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Re: Lesser primate committees

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>>Ever heard of teh Boy Scout experiments undertaken by Psychlogists in
1948.  I think they would a least a bit support Kate's view.<<

Haven''t heard about that - tell me!

The one I remember most is the one at Yale where they were (supposedly)
testing the effects of electric shocks.  And the guys in the white coats
said "we'll take all responsibility for any injuries, etc", and the button
pushers kept pushing the buttons. And of course THEY were the ones being
tested, as in When Someone Else Takes Responsibility, How Do People Really

I've always wondered what about the people who DIDN'T push the buttons? Who
said, I'm sorry but I won't cause injury even if you DO take responsiblity.

There were lots of people who hid Jews from the Nazis, too.

Kate O'Brien