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Re: Sulfate Res Conc. & Waterproofing

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>I am reviewing the specs for the construction of a RC office building.
 The soil investigation shows no
>presence of water for at least 25ft below foundation level and the soil
>type is moderately fractured Limestone.

>The specs also call for the waterpoofing membrane to continue below the
>whole area of the 190" mat foundation (tanking.) IMHO there is no need
>to do that, and waterproofing the basement walls would be enough.

Sounds like you could actually do just fine using a low w/c ratio type
II/III cement and dispense with the submat waterproofing to me...unless
someone expects 40 days and nights of rain or a Tsunami!! Using a pozz and
air entraining admixture would render the mat relatively impermiable. Does
the owner have something he wants to contain inside the building?? some
noxious solvent or chemical?

Hope this is of some use to you.

Norb Volny, PE