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RE: EIT, PE Qualifications

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Does any body know if a Civil Engineering College degree is required to get
a license or not?  A friend of mine have the engineering experience and
three years of college education but did not pursue a BS degree and wants
to know if he qualifies for the EIT and PE.


I am pretty certain that you do not need to have a college degree to take
the EIT.  Many of my classmates passed the EIT before ever graduating
(which is a good idea since it gets alot harder later).  The PE requires
waiting periods based on your college attended (whether it is certified or
not) and how long you have worked under a PE's supervision.  I believe, if
you have no degree, you must wait 12 years under PE supervision and provide
computations to prove you experience.  Will someone back this up or correct
it if I am wrong?