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Re: EIT, PE Qualifications

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Most states do not require an engineering degree to become registered in
engineering but they do require more experience time to compensate for not
having a degree.  Every state is different and should be checked.  A few states
only consider an engineering degree and do not recognize a science degree such
as physics or chemistry.  Others have a different level of experience for a
science degree graduate between having an engineering and not.  California is
as stated in another posting.

I do know of a local california engineer who recently received his civil
registration with a two year AA degree.  His work area is pure civil rather
than structural.  The EIT was the major hurdle for him to get past.  He passed
the civil exam the first time and had to take the extra seismic problem twice.
The required extra surveying problem was easy for him.

Hassan_Sassi/OES(--nospam--at) wrote:

> Does any body know if a Civil Engineering College degree is required to get
> a license or not?  A friend of mine have the engineering experience and
> three years of college education but did not pursue a BS degree and wants
> to know if he qualifies for the EIT and PE.