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RE: EIT, PE Qualifications

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I am rather an authority here, since (shock shock shock) I obtained my
license by a combination of education and experience. I did take all of the
required engineering courses but lack the general education necessary to
have satisfied the residency requirement of the university issuing a degree.
I moved around for twenty some years and obtained my education over a twenty
five year period in three majors (Architecture, Business and Civil
Engineering). Unfortunately, I did not have the patience to take courses
like Political Science when I had already been voting for over thirty years.
With that said, the rules that I had to follow were;
1) Passing of the EIT (with or without taking the courses)
2) A combination of 6 years (each year of school in an engineering
curriculum, I believe, was considered 1 year of experience) - the school, I
thought, must be accredited.

You need to contact BORPELS (if you're in California) to carefully read the
requirements. I am not sure if there is a time period between the EIT and
the PE.

Dennis Wish PE

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|Does any body know if a Civil Engineering College degree is required to get
|a license or not?  A friend of mine have the engineering experience and
|three years of college education but did not pursue a BS degree and wants
|to know if he qualifies for the EIT and PE.