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Re: Appropriateness

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Dennis S. Wish wrote:

> Nigel, you asked "Are we really all that thin-skinned that we can't ignore a
> remark we don't like, or jump into the middle of it to say why we don't? "
> Unfortunatly, the answer is yes.
> [...]
> Rather than focus on Politics, let's start productive questions, albeit
> social ones, that drive our profession and encourage new voices to speak.

<sigh>  I suppose you're right, and I certainly can't come up with any valid
arguments against what you're saying.  I just get think we engineers get a
little tedious sometimes :-) and I enjoy seeing folks discussing other topics
from an engineer's point of view.  For example, I get a kick out of some of Bill
Allen's comments and the responses they provoke, even when both annoy the hell
out of me. :-D  It makes a nice change.