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Re: Sulfate Res Conc. & Waterproofing

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 Moni wrote>>>
>I am reviewing the specs for the construction of a RC office building.
 The soil investigation shows no
>presence of water for at least 25ft below foundation level and the soil
>type is moderately fractured Limestone.

>The specs also call for the waterpoofing membrane to continue below the
>whole area of the 190" mat foundation (tanking.) IMHO there is no need
>to do that, and waterproofing the basement walls would be enough.

How much will omitting the membrane save?   How much will it cost to install?  How much will the lack of a waterpoofing membrane cost over time?   My suggestion (subject to not knowing the subgrade area usage) is use the waterpoofing membrane you'll get a much better result.  I've seen several buildings with inadequate waterpoofing membrane, the end user suffers the results of false economy every day.

I cannot comment on the Type V issue except asking the $D.

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