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Re: STL - ASTM Mill Specification for Fy=46KSI Tube Steel

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Dennis S. Wish wrote:

> Can someone tell me quickly what the ASTM Spec number is for common A46 Tube
> Steel (TS6x6x1/4")? Is this ASTM A500?
> Thanks
> Dennis Wish PE
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Quoting from "Designing With Structural Tubing" by Dr. Donald R. Sherman,
Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

"In the U.S. There is only one type that can be realistically obtained:
cold-formed welded tubing.  The typical HSS product is an A500 Grade B
with a yield strength of 46 kis and an ultimate strength of 58 ksi."

Reprinted by "Modern Steel Construction" February 1997.

Watch out for the 7% reduction on wall thickness recommended by HSS (Hollow
Structural Sections).

In my shareware program "StlShape" I have implemented the changes.  Check
it out if you have the time.  Compare the results with your steel manual.
It is lower!


Sam Chang, SE

URL for StlShape:  "";