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RE: STL - ASTM Mill Specification for Fy=46KSI Tube Steel

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I've been using my 8th Edition AISC Manual (Red) which shows Fy = 42 ksi (Fu = 58 ksi) for A500 Grade B cold formed tube.  Is the minimum yield stress for this material increased to 46 ksi in the 9th edition?


Brent Koch, P.E.

Quoting from "Designing With Structural Tubing" by Dr. Donald R. Sherman,
Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

"In the U.S. There is only one type that can be realistically obtained:
cold-formed welded tubing.  The typical HSS product is an A500 Grade B
with a yield strength of 46 kis and an ultimate strength of 58 ksi."

Reprinted by "Modern Steel Construction" February 1997.

Watch out for the 7% reduction on wall thickness recommended by HSS (Hollow
Structural Sections).

In my shareware program "StlShape" I have implemented the changes.  Check
it out if you have the time.  Compare the results with your steel manual.
It is lower!


Sam Chang, SE

URL for StlShape:  "";

Can someone tell me quickly what the ASTM Spec number is for common A46 Tube
Steel (TS6x6x1/4")? Is this ASTM A500?


Dennis Wish PE