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Re: Existing wall/Fdns

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Subject: RE: Existing wall/Fdns

>Is this a wood framed structure on a URM foundation? If it is I would >suggest designing a deadman type foundation to transfer shear >through and construct them as close to the perimeter foundations as >possible. Create a cripplewall thats properly sheared for each >foundation in each line of shear and in each direction and drag the >floor diaphragm into these foundations.  This has become a fairly >common standard for relieving the lateral load to a urm foundation.   >There are other methods, including gunniting the inside wythe of brick >and even inserting vertical anchors through the plates deep into the >urm foundation - but I perfer the deadman type foundation.

I am going to inspect the problem myself this weekend (if someone will pay for it) and if we can't resolve it I'll be asking you all again.


Thor Tandy  P.Eng