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RE: A small primates view of the week that was.

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John, I don't have to search for this one, my family is famous for this one,
except it must be said with a Yiddish accent (don't flame me I'm Jewish).

:-} From a right handed bearded Australian can I say one quote ::  Such is
(Dennis do not attempt to look for this quote you will never find it.)

Dennis Wish PE

"Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy
for the worst of them all- the apathy of human beings."
Helen Keller

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|Dear Kathleen, Bill and Dennis,
|It has to be addressed to someone.
|What a week its been my second week on this list server.
|My recollection of the Boy Scouts experiment is to take a group of people
|and split them into two groups and give each group a common goal to
|In this case they did teh experiemnts with a common group of Boy Scouts.
|After a while the two groups assume an idenity that is distinct and the two
|groups become competitive against each other.  It is then interesting to
|recombine the groups etc...  The point is the common goal creates the team
|not any other issue.  OR the fight such as in Northern Ireland.
|Its a bit like this list give people a common goal and they will share.  I
|am actually amazed at how much sharing there is in this group and the group
|as a whole should be congratulated.
|Lurkers::Lurkers are a healthy sign of a group.  In Newcastle there are
|about 4000 paid up CE's to use your phrase and 20 regularly attend
|So you have about the right number for a healthy organization.  Remember
|that most people do not like the gaze of teh limelight and one should not
|force someone
|I have sat in very many meetings listening about how to drag lurkers out of
|the woodwork.  In the end different people get different things out of a
|group.  If its not what yuo get out it is still no less valid.
|Shiners  now I found out they are not a religious group other, than the
|state of euphoria induced by an alcohol intake.  I will stick to Coke and
|Black.  Same coke John Lennon joked about in the first Beatles Movie.
|out of a bottle.
|Dennis and Bill enlived my week thank you.
|(-:  I was told this was a left handed Australian.
|:-} From a right handed bearded Australian can I say one quote ::
|Such is life.
|(Dennis do not attempt to look for this quote you will never find it.)
|The get your head down was said by America's most famous Supreme Court
|to your President who started a speech Four.....  If I have to give any
|clues I  suggest that you ask a good History Student.  (It was during the
|Civil War.)
|I listened to an Army and Marine pair (College kids I think) argue which
|best Army or Marines.  Age old argument refer to my comment on Boy Scouts.
|But an interesting one to listen to.
|Of course for the marines to get their one needs a Navy and it helps if you
|have an air craft carrier to project force and to hold the air and finally
|it helps if someone can relieve the landing force so maybe the army is
|finally needed.  I think thats how it went at Guadacal Canal {excuse
|spelling} which was the point I made to the students.  From what I know it
|took a direct suggestion from teh Presidnet and some very brave Service
|personel to win that battle.  Including the Coast Watchers.
|Ah why did John raise this here.  Well it seems to me there is a bit of
|in the discussion on who can design what.  It takes a team to build
|something.  A whole team.
|Finally I learned that code committees are the same the world over.  Thank
|God for one constant in one's life and fro giving them to the profession to
|have someone to talk about and complain about.  (A bit like the Belmont Boy
|Scouts do not like the Swansea Sea Scouts.)  Sometimes you should try
|walking in the other guys shoes.
|It was the week I spent 2 hours teaching Mohr's Circle and the basics of
|Statics for an hour.
|I am still trying to figure out who is Sharfat(I hope I spelt it correctly)
|My email crashed and burned with one message from this list server.
|I finished my 90 page Literature Review and the Masonry Interantional
|Jouranl told me to rewrite my paper.  My American Editor ( I write short
|stories) commented that they were correct.
|So I innclude one of my short stories it is in draft from and the Editor
|from Virginia says it is politically incorrect in two places.
|<One fine man.  I do know some.>
|Kennedy was ordered onto the ship from Southhampton, England to Sydney
|Australia in 1943.  He missed the ship.  It was torpedoed, sank with all
|hands.  His luck was with him.  The next ship deposited him safely in
|Sydney.  Wartime.  Shipped  out immediately.
|I first heard this story many years afterwards from my father-in-law Joe.
|Joe served as a tail gunner in the RAAF.  Italy etc.  Great bloke, soft
|Gunner Kennedy backed a car over a garbage bin.  I mean it's no big deal.
|Just an old galvanized bin.  But the bin belongeth to She who breathed
|A mean dragon.  Gunner being a resourceful chap slung the garbage bin dent
|and all under the wheel of Joe's vehicle.
|Joe and the Dragon clashed--well- Joe stood still and listened as the
|described his lack of father and his driving ability.  Gunner watched from
|window.  Joe dutifully obtained a replacement bin for the Dragon.
|Two decades later, Gunner finally admitted the story to Joe.  Paid him back
|for the bin.  Years later Joe's third daughter--my wife-- gave Gunner a
|small plastic bin as a memento.
|About the time I was being born, Gunner had settled in Joe's hometown of
|Muswellbrook, NSW, Australia about 3 hrs NW of Sydney.  Hot dry and sunny.
|A small farming and mining community on the Main Inland Road from Sydney to
|Tamworth to Brisbane.  River, trainstop, Oak, coalmine, three pubs and
|Gunner wanted to buy Skellatar Estate. A big property on the southern side
|of Muswellbrook. On a hill--great views-nice land.  The only problem facing
|Gunner was the Owners insistance that the property not be sold to a
|Catholic.  Gunner was out of luck.
|The day of the Auction arrived--huge crowd--town hall.  The Auctioneer
|described the  property and called for bids.
|Young Jimmy Hassett started the bidding.  He owned a big horse stud at
|Scone.  Bid and counterbid{ Y'all know the routine}.  It was knocked down
|Young Jimmy Hassett.  The Auctioneer asked if it was for the credit of the
|Hassett Stud.
|'No' said Young Jimmy. 'It's for Gunner's credit'.  Joe said later,  'Could
|have heard a pin drop.'
|Well now Gunner had a problem.  He had to pay for the property, but he had
|month.  So he set about selling off the outlying pieces of the property.
|Sold about half in the month. Had enough money to buy the property with
|change.  He got the bit he wanted.
|Gunner had purchased a new white Holden Ute.  Front bench seat, four on the
|floor and a radio. He was proudly showing it off a the Church on Sunday.
|Well now Sister's Elizabeth and Mary asked him if he would take them to a
|funeral on Tuesday.  He had no choice but to say yes.
|'Yes' said Gunner.  Excusing himself he  hurried over to Joe.  'I've got a
|'What's it now?' said Joe who was used to Gunner's problems.
|'Well Sister's have to travel in groups of two.'
|'I know,' said Joe who had two Sister's Sisters.
|'But in the ute we have to travel in the front seat.'
|'Well I have a floor shift and someone has to sit in the middle.'
|'What're gunna do?' queried Joe.
|'Dunno--pray for a miracle.  I could die I suppose.'
|Tuesday morning dawned clear and bright {great cliche.}  A fine day for a
|planting.  About 9 on the clock Joe is at the bakery, tired after a hard
|day's night{another great cliche.}  He's tired give the poor boy a rest.
|Phone rings.  Joe answers.
|'Is Mr Torpey there asked an imperial voice'
|'Yes me.'
|'This is Matron Smithson at the Hospital.'
|'Gunner Kennedy--a most vulgar name-- has asked me to give you a call'
|'Yes', slowly.
|'Gunner had a fall last night and sprained his ankle.  He asked if you take
|the two Nun's to the funeral today.'
|'Oh' said Joe, 'alright.'
|Later that night Joe knocks on Gunner's door.  Gunner throws open the door
|and hands him a Doch and Dorris.  Both sit on the comfortable large chairs.
|'How's the ankle Gunner?'
|'Fine--just fine now.'
|'How was the trip to Newcastle Joe ?'
|'Fine just fine'.
|"You'll need the car serviced tomorrow.'
|'Wore out the clutch leaving it in third gear all the way there and back.'
|'I wish I'd thought of that' laughed Gunner.
|Many years later Gunner died.  A peaceful man in the Mater's Hospice.  I
|him with Donna and the kid a few weeks before he died.  His last meal was
|oysters and champagne.
|Big meeting to discuss the funeral.  Church hall--he was a popular
|of friends.
|David Ramsay and I were shaking hands with a bottle of real Irish Whiskey
|the kitchen.
|Wife comes out looking for pall-bearers.  I offered David's service.  'I'm
|busy' he replied 'I'm on as pilot tomorrow on the Harbour.  'He'll be
|I said 'It's Gunner's funeral.'
|Further connect with the bottle.
|'Do you know how Gunner got his nickname? Said David.
|'Well he was always going on about who was he gunna get to do this and
|'Oh' I said, 'A fine man was our
|Monsignor R Kennedy Vicar General of the Maitland Diocese of the Roman
|Catholic Church.'
|'Yes he was.'
|It is in essence a true story.
|John Nichols