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STL - ASTM Mill Specifications

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Long ago and right here in America.

While I was still learning the Profession the 
Steel Industry Decided to Change the System 
of Desigation for Steel Shapes.

Thus a 12 WF 40 became a WF 12x40 and while 
they were at it they changed some of the
dimensions of the Steel Shapes.

You can still find some of the old steel books
on the back shelves of verious engineering and 
architural firms. They are great for finding
the properties of Steel Shapes in older buildings.

At that time it was a paper change (records and 
calculations) with computers it will be very
simple to change. ( Play that one again I think 
I missed something or maybe Mr. Murphy was going 
past. )

Robert W. Stevens, Jr., P.E.
Consulting Engineer