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Re: Problem with Deputy Inspector

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Late last summer I had a special inspector for torquing H.S. bolts on a new
tower near Truckee; he was on the ground with his binoculars, checking the
operation.  I asked him why he wasn't up on the tower and he said he
wouldn't climb it.

A few weeks later, I was checking the completion of one of my towers in
Sacramento and found that some of the stitch bolts had been left off the
double angles on some lower portions.  The tower been already signed off by
the special inspector.

Maybe we're going to play who can top this on horror stories about bad
inspection, bad building departments and clients who are ram rodding
through their projects come hell or high water.

Neil Moore, S.E.

>       I am often frustrated as hell by the situation you describe. I specify
>the inspection firm on my plans per section 106 and then the contractor
>in his own inspector who is typically not aware the code requires the
>inspector to send reports to the engineer. There needs to be some way
>engineers can issue complaints to the agency issuing the inspectors
>certification : ICBO?.
>        I have what seems like the exact same job problem in Fresno right
>At the preconstruction meeting i told the deputy inspector he needed to send
>me reports and gave him my card  but none came. When i later cornered him on
>the job during my structural observation he said he had submitted them to the
>contractor and i should take the issue up with them. What can i do and not
>seem like a whiner to the owner, architect, and contractor? They are already
>concerned about the structural observation costs of my visits ( 9 hour round
>trip ) every week for two months even though it is an A2.1 occupancy and
>structural observation is required by code. 
>      Another example was last fall when i showed up at a tilt up job in
>Clarita when the welding was occuring. I asked where the deputy was. The
>said he must be here since his van was here. Sure enough he was there..... in
>his van with the engine and air conditioner running completely out of site of
>the welding.This was Montanya inspection services who i believe is out of
>Orange Co. I also had not been recieving the reports.I told the architect,
>agreed and had the firm fired and brought in the firm i had originally
>specified on the approved plan per ubc sec 106.
>      How and to who can we send complaints about inspectors? If an engineer
>was negligent , CA consumer affairs would investigate. Who investigates
>     In three weeks Sandy Pringle will be speaking about deputy inspection at
>the tri counties SEAOSC dinner meeting in Santa Barbara. I look forward to
>more discussion on this subject. All are welcome to attend. 
>     Tom Harris, SE
>     Thousand Oaks, CA