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Re: Existing wall/Fdns

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Subject: RE: Existing wall/Fdns

>Is this a wood framed structure on a URM foundation? If it is I would

Did site visit yesterday.  It is a timber frame single story building on an unreinforced concrete foundation wall system.  The suspended slab over a nominal crawlspace is reinforced but has little reserve capacity.

The cold joints are the result of poor pour :-) practices and serious enough that the entire foundation wall system may be suspect.

We have decided to investigate epoxy grouting under pressure into the joint and/or mechanical braces across the joint.  It appears that undermining of the existing foundation cause the complete separation of a couple of sections.  The ground in a silty sandy soil with pebbles disperse uniformilty throughout.  It is very hard to excavate but open is, of course, extremely friable.

The underlying problem is how to bring such a foundation (average 4' +/- high) up to current code conformance (ductility etc).  I opine that the foundation can never become a dutile part of the new superstructure and should be dealt with accordingly.  How?  Treating it as brittle and without temsile strength?  Treating it similer to an URM or rubble foundation?

This is one of the major headaches of trying to use existing structure for "new" construction.

Thor Tandy  P.Eng
Victoria  BC