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Re: Granite cladding(without using mechanical fasteners)

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Raghu Pendyala wrote:

>  Alex Nacionales <anacio(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> >Since  your building is a four storey concrete structure using  a
> good
> >adhesive would be a good way of installing Granite cladding. I think
> >mechanical fasteners would not be practical in these case.
> Any reason or is it just  your experience? What about in case of fire
> - many adhesives are suseptible in fire. What are good adhesives?
> Raghu Pendyala
> Pendyala Consulting
> Melbourne, Vic., Australia

The reason is that unless you have a good mechanical fastener design
that  will show only the granite tiles outside,  using  structural
concrete epoxy would  be alright. As for fire,  the tiles would be
protected by the exterior concrete walls from the fire inside except
near windows if there are any..  The adhesive can easily be tested for
fire resistance. As for cracking of concrete during earthquakes, a good
structural epoxy should be as strong or even stronger than the concrete
bond so the tiles will crack with the concrete and not fall off . The
area of concern will be the long term effect of extreme temperature
change in countries like Canada. It is possible that the manucfacturer
will have information about this.

Alex C. Nacionales, C.E.
Iloilo City, Philippines