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Re: Sulfate Res Conc. & Wate

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> << The point you made is ideally very appropriate because using Type V
>  cement cannot be detrimental to the durability of the concrete but in
>  this case it may be useless, and part of my responsibility here is to
>  save the owner any unecessary expenses.
>  You see we might take the project as contractors on a Cost Plus basis,
>  so I feel that my ethical and professional responsibility is to trim the
>  specs requirements where it can save the owner money without lowering
>  the quality of the structure, and ask for more stringent specs where I
>  feel there are any shortcomings in the original specs. >>

>      It would seem courteous and appropriate to call the engineer of record
> first.
>      Tom Harris, SE
>      Thousand Oaks, CA

You're absolutely right, but I thought I would get some valuable input
from you guys before I give my 2¢ opinion to the engineer.

Thanks again,
Moni Serhal