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Problem with Deputy Inspector -- Follow-up

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Thank you to everyone who has responded to my post.  Your input is
appreciated and I thought you'd like to know what I did.  Had a conference
call this morning with inspector and contractor to verify that our issue was
with the reports and not the inspection.  Apparently he was there and did
perform the inspections against the appropriate documents (although his
report were inadequate), so I've decided on options B and C.  I'm making a
site observation visit today and insisting on a revised or supplemental
report before I sign off as EOR, but assuming I get what I need I am NOT
going to report the inspector to the City (option D).

Some follow up questions I'd be interested in anyone's thoughts on:

1.  Do we need changes at City Hall, specifically some method of recognizing
the fact that field changes occur and that it is simply not practical to
require that the minor ones be submitted to and approved by the plan check

2.  Should the code recognize a difference between an "exception" and a
"deficiency" and provide a mechanism to allow inspector to record exceptions
without rejecting work as deficient?

3.  What should a good concrete placement inspection report include?  Is
"per approved plans" sufficient or should the report include such
information as slump test results, number of cylinders taken, concrete
supplier's name, volume of concrete placed and trip ticket data (time in
transit, water added, mix design number)?  Are there specific code
requirements somewhere I can refer to?

4.  What needs to be included in field welding, epoxy anchor or other types
of inspection reports?

5.  Does requiring things we don't have the power or will to insist on
(e.g., daily reporting, specific content requirements, or those final signed
reports Neil Moore and I both require by note but rarely see) expose our
firms to MORE liability?  Would we be better of scrapping the notes and
going along with industry standard "good enough" even when not compliant
with the letter of the code or our own ideas of what was good practice and
in our client's best interests?

I would really be interested in thoughts from building officials on this
thread in general and the above questions in particular.

Drew Norman
Drew A. Norman, S.E.