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Re: Problem with Deputy Inspector

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>I think it's time to throw my 2 cents in on this thread.There are good and
>bad deputy inspectors out there-just like police officers,lawyers and
>engineers.Personally I give 110 per cent when I'm on a project.I am the eyes
>and ears for the engineer,city and owner. If I find descrepencies on a
>project- They are communicated to the engineer and my city inspector.GOOD

I agree 100% on the communication. The bottom line on inspection and constru
ction is that none of us are perfect but if all members of the building team
are truly working as a team all the workers and professionals who are true
craftsmen and women will become defacto inspectors. For a "good project " to
be completed safely and well this is a required mindset that won't satisfy
the need for the "statutory" Deputy Dawg Inspector but that will insure us
we have the best possible outcome for our client.

The importance of the "mindset" becomes obvious on larger jobs.
Many years ago I walked onto a prject site that had 2 full time inspectors
as well as the city inspectors and architects inspectors. I was sent by my
boss to make an observation visit of an 8 story rigid frame and the progress
on an upper floor composite deck system. As I stood on the 5th floor steel
decking I heard a horrendous pounding down below on the steel frame at the
base of a column.
Looking over the edge I saw 2 workers loosening the base plate nuts. They
were talking to another worker on the street who was looking at the building
with a transit. I immediately contacted the constuction manager and found
out that the floor level on the third floor was 3/4" out of tolerance
according to the architect and the workers were going to bring it into
tolerance by lowering two columns on that grid line! All the moment
resisting joint welds had been completed on the frame a week before!! I
asked the CM to stop his workers while I called my boss who was a registered
SE. He confirmed my fears of inducing moments into all the beams and columns
along the grid and conveyed them to the architect who adjusted their
consideration of floor level tolerances.

The point is that the on site inspectors were not aware of the potential
nor were any of the workers involved but a conscientous EIT with the proper
mindset took care of it.

Yours Truly 
Norb Volny , PE