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Re: Bridge inspection and rehabilitation

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>Dear Sirs,
>My name is Paulo Aliang, research student at Eduardo Mondlane 
>University, Structural and Civil Engineering, Maputo - Mozambique - 
>Southern Africa.
>I am presently doing a work thesis about bridge inspection, 
>maintenance, strengthening and rehabilitation.
>One of the parts of this job is the strutural analysis of the 
>existing bridges, so that the remaining residual life could be safely 

There are numerous expensive programs designed specifically for bridge analysis.
There are quite a few "shareware" programs that are very useful but you
should check them against known solutions. 

An excellent book and series of general structural analysis programs that
we've used for bridge truss and frame analysis is "Structural Engineering
Analysis on Personal Computers" byJohn F. Fleming and published by
McGraw-Hill originally in 1986.

He was a professor at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, USA.

Hope this is of some use.

Yours Truly,
Norb Volny ,PE