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Re: Creep, Shrinkage of Concrete Filled Tube....

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>From: dwnotes3@DAEWOO on 98-03-24 09:25 am
>To:   seaoc(--nospam--at)
>Subject:  Creep, Shrinkage of Concrete Filled Tube....
>I'm analyzing the column shortening of Concrete Filled Tube(CFT).
>The creep and shrinkage calculation of CFT is different from SRC, RC.
>Is there anyone who know the calculation formulas for creep and shrinkage
>of CFT..

You need to relate the modulus of elasticities of the two materials to find
their creep under load.

Normally steel won't shrink but the concrete may shrink or swell as its
moisture content changes.

Thermal effects are an additional variable but may not need to be addressed
unless you expect severe changes in ambient temperature -10to +
30degrees C changes on a recurring basis over the expected life of the

Hope this is of some help...I use various Strength of Materials manuals and
Roark's stress and strain equations to refresh my memory for similar problems.

Yours Truly 
Norb Volny PE