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RE: Bridge inspection and rehabilitation

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You can obtain literature on the maintenance, load rating(for capacity) and
design of bridges from AASHTO(American Association of State Highway and
Transportation Officials) 444 North Capitol Street, NW
Suite 249
Washington, DC 20001 USA 

Their toll free phone # here in the US is 1-888-227-4860.
Their fax order # is 1-800-525-5562.

like you are trying to learn about "load rating" a bridge. The
>software we use is BRASS which is put out by Wyoming DOT (USA).  It's
>different than regular analysis programs in that it is specific to
>bridges and actually calculates a rating for you (capacity/applied
>load).  Sometimes it can get a little tricky to use.
>You should try to talk to someone in the Federal Highway Administration.
>Bridge maintenance inspections in the US are federally mandated. Every
>publicly owned vehicular bridge must be inspected by a certified bridge
>inspector on a two-year cycle.  All the USDOT's should have a program in
>place so there is another resource.
>Hope this helps.
>Calvin Lee, PE
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>> >Dear Sirs,
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>> >My name is Paulo Aliang, research student at Eduardo Mondlane 
>> >University, Structural and Civil Engineering, Maputo - Mozambique - 
>> >Southern Africa.
>> >I am presently doing a work thesis about bridge inspection, 
>> >maintenance, strengthening and rehabilitation.
>> >
>> >One of the parts of this job is the strutural analysis of the 
>> >existing bridges, so that the remaining residual life could be safely
>> >estimated.
>> >
>> >Paulo,