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Re: Engineer's responsibility -- wind failure

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Nope! Hadn't heard anything about this here on the west coast of Florida.
Typically, this type of 'structure' is designed with the following criteria:

    I assume that the netting will be full of newspapers, leaves and other debris
during a wind storm and therefor the openings in the netting will be nonexistent.
And suction on the leeward side *will* be present.

    The netting itself does not have to be designed for the full 110 MPH, since if
it's destroyed in a storm it contributes little to airborne debris and has minimal
impact on other structures.

    I design the support structure so that if (and it's a BIG if) the netting
stays in place, then the structure has to also stay in place - with the full
forces from the netting being imposed on the support structure.

Most of the Building departments in south Florida that I deal with agree with this
design approach.

Best regards,

Lew Midlam, PE

BVeit wrote:

<... BIG SNIP...>

Hear about it in the local news, Lew, or is this of interest only to us crazy

> engineers?