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RE: single angle members

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Eccentricity must be considered.  You might want to see the AISC
"Specification for Allowable Stress Design of Single-Angle Members" in
the ninth edition of the Manual for Steel Construction, "Design of
Single Angle Web Struts in Trusses" by Woolcock and Kitipornchai,
Journal Of Structural Engineering, Vol. 112, June 1986, and "Tables for
Equal Angles in Compression", by Walker, AISC Engineering Journal,
Second Quarter 1991.  Note that one side connections are generally not
good for fatigue loadings.

Ed Marshall, PE
Simons Engineering

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> Subject:	single angle members
> Does anyone have advice on the use of single angles as web members in
> a truss?  How is the compressive capacity of the single angle
> determined?  If the angles are welded to the gusset plates, is there
> still a concern on eccentric loading of the angle, or is it assumed
> the angle is concentrically loaded and designed accordingly?
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Jerry King