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RE: I don't get it....

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I agree with Frank! Pretty strong language for someone who is offering their
work for free to others who might gain from it regardless if it is long or
The first company I worked for designed grade beams by a simple three line
analysis. I accepted this as a universal way to design - by shortcuts.
However, it did not teach how the shortcut was derived or if I should place
implicate faith in the shortcut without ever trying the long approach.
Consequently, I designed a three page MathCad sheet that is the long method
and use this exclusively since I trust it.
His MathCad Template may not be the choice for submittal - but I am learning
a lot about setting up arrays and other neat features in MathCad from
studying his work.
SO! Get a life, my friend :>) and apologize to this nice guy who gave his
template to all of us for nothing more than his contribution to our

Dennis Wish PE
La Quinta, California
ICQ# 6110557

"Silence is the virtue of fools."
Francis Bacon

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|7 pages of calculations for a simple beam? Get real.
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