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RE: Dennis, Bill and Kathleen--Lurkers and a quote.

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John, I remember the film. Personally, one of my favorites from down under
is Yahoo Serious! Loved his films - Young Einstein and I can't remember the
name of the second film.

Dennis Wish PE
La Quinta, California
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"Silence is the virtue of fools."
Francis Bacon

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|Subject: Dennis, Bill and Kathleen--Lurkers and a quote.
|Dear Dennis Bill and Kate,
|A famous bush ranger (outlaw) of Irish descent said Such is life just
|they hung him in Melbourne Jail about 120 yrs ago.  Mick Jagger played Ned
|Kelly in hte film.
|In the recent song I am Australian Ned Kelly was one of the three
|Australians listed by name.  The others were Clancy of the Overflow a
|mythical creature from the man from Snowy River poem and Albert
|Namagira(spelling is probably wrong) a painter of Koori extraction from
|Central Australia.  Written by one of the Seekers  (Georgy Girl fame) who
|have reformed.
|An interesting mix of people to depict Australians and if I thought for 100
|yrs could only think of one to add.  Simpson on his donkey.
|Says a bit about Australia
|I have found out how to lurk.  Using Eudora pro I can get the filter to
|transfer the seac files to a separate place and read them at my leisure.
|Quote for the week Dennis,
|The reason I saw so far was becasue I stood on the shoulders of giants.
|<He who said it was one of the biggest giants>
|His Chair at Oxford is also inhabited by a current giant,
|John Nichols
|PS Kate an american friend said I was thinking of Shriners when you talked
|about the beer.  She also said in Wyoming quote "Never heard of it."