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Structural Observation -- City of Los Angeles

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I have a copy of a booklet prepared by the list's own Tim McCormick entitled
"The New City of Los Angeles Requirements for Structural Observation" which
I recently had cause to make reference to and about which I have
somequestions.  I could have contacted Tim directly or just called the
department but am doing it as a post because it's pretty complete and those
subscribers who do business in the City but haven't seen it might want to
get a copy.

My version is dated 1/27/96 as the 4th Edition.  It refers to the 1991
rather than 1994 UBC as basis code.  Can Tim or anyone else tell me whether
it's been updated and how I can get a copy of the revised version (Tim, can
you email it?)

The requirement for a notarized letter or copy of agreement showing that the
observer is employed by the owner is new to me.  Am I supposed to be doing
this?  How would the requirement be adapted to design-build (is the EOR
prohibited from being the observer if he is part of a design build team and
employed by the contractor)?

Drew A. Norman, S.E.
Drew A Norman and Associates