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CONC - Repair Of Member Subjected To Bomb

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  I've been tasked to suggest recommendations for a concrete roof of an
underground structure subjected to an explosive charge. The roof is 24" thick
and was designed as a two way slab. The charge is such that it will provide an
opening through the slab to allow access of one person. 

  There are various publications which provide guidance for recommended
repairs of   concrete damaged due to poor design or workmanship. The Corps has
published a Technical Manual for the design of blast resistant structures.
However, I not aware of any guidance for the repair of an existing concrete
structure subjected to a blast. 
Beyond the visible surface damage, I'm primarily concerned about subsurface
damage such as loss of bond between the concrete and reinforcement. Any
suggestions or recommendations?

Thanks in advance.

Charlie Canitz, PE
Bel Air, MD