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RE: I don't get it....

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First, the answer to the original question. The difference between my post 
and the one on the "micropilots" is that I did not call someone "stupid". 
Mr. Richmond and I have had a private dialog on the details of my comments 
and his template from which he finally gave me his best advice: if I do not 
like the format of the template, don't use it. Duh!

While I agree that Mr. Richmond's template has a lot of good features both 
on the use of MathCAD as well as an educational viewpoint of flow charting 
the process of steel beam design, I seriously doubt one could make any 
money designing a building using this tool. I could not. That was the point 
of my comment. This is a long way from calling someone "stupid".

I also agree with you Dennis that, your first job should not have been 
focused around using all of the shortcuts. When I had employees, they 
worked for me several months before using ANY software except AutoCAD. They 
had to do all of their calculations by hand until I could identify the 
individuals' strengths and weaknesses.

Finally, my responses to your last two points:

* I have a life.
* I believe I have already hit my apology quota for the year (and it's 
still the first quarter?).

Bill Allen (the one with the bull's eye on his back)

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I agree with Frank! Pretty strong language for someone who is offering 
work for free to others who might gain from it regardless if it is long or
The first company I worked for designed grade beams by a simple three line
analysis. I accepted this as a universal way to design - by shortcuts.
However, it did not teach how the shortcut was derived or if I should place
implicate faith in the shortcut without ever trying the long approach.
Consequently, I designed a three page MathCad sheet that is the long method
and use this exclusively since I trust it.
His MathCad Template may not be the choice for submittal - but I am 
a lot about setting up arrays and other neat features in MathCad from
studying his work.
SO! Get a life, my friend :>) and apologize to this nice guy who gave his
template to all of us for nothing more than his contribution to our

Dennis Wish PE
La Quinta, California
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"Silence is the virtue of fools."
Francis Bacon

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|Subject: Q: I don't get it....
|Would someone care to explain the differences between the following
|two posts?
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|Subject:	re: micropilots
|Micropilots is wrong stupid.
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|Subject:	RE: AISC 9th Edition beam programs
|7 pages of calculations for a simple beam? Get real.
|My opinion, not my employer.