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Re: LGS - Is the Supplier Liable???

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My general thought is that the owner is liable for not hiring an engineer.
Someone is looking around for a scapegoat.  If we as engineers help him, we do
no one a service.

Michael Donoghue, PE

Christopher Wright wrote:

> >I believe that the manufacture was responsible to notify the client that a
> >section ordered was not a stock item and exceeded the recommended web
> >crippling ratio before every supplying the materials. They claim that they
> >simply supplied what was ordered and did not question if an engineer
> >calculated the member or not.
> I don't see how the manufacturer would know the final service intended
> for the structurals. The engineer who specified the members should have
> known whether or not they'd meet spec. evaluation for possible web
> crippling clearly calls for an engineering judgement. If the standard of
> care for a supplier is to look over an engineer's shoulder and comment on
> suitability maybe you have a small corner of a case, but I doubt that any
> supplier is held to such a standard.
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