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FW: single angle members

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I have used single-angles and double-angles as web members in trusses
several times.  They are staright-forward to design and perform very
well.  The AISC Volume II - Connections manual has a very good section
on these types of trusses, including web, chord and connection design. 
This reference states that tests have shown there is little difference
in static load capacity of the single-angle web members between balanced
and unbalanced connections.  Therefore, the eccentricity of the load at
the conection can be ignored.  In fact, AISC Specification J1.9 (ASD,
9th ed.) states that the eccentricity of the welded connection for
single-angle, double-angle and similar members may be neglected in
design.  For single-angle webs, the connections manual recommends
placing all web members on the same side of the chord to minimize
twisting of the chord.

Mark Larsen, P.E.
Paragon Structural Design
From: Jerry King
To: seaoc(--nospam--at)
Subject: single angle members
Date: Wednesday, March 25, 1998 1:56PM

Does anyone have advice on the use of single angles as web members in a
truss?  How is the compressive capacity of the single angle determined? 
If the angles are welded to the gusset plates, is there still a concern
on eccentric loading of the angle, or is it assumed the angle is
concentrically loaded and designed accordingly?

Any help would be appreciated.

Jerry King