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Re: Granite Cladding (without using mechanical fasteners)

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I checked with a Stone/Tile Contractor for their opinion of adhering 18"
square granite tiles to  a four story concrete frame structure.   They
responded that the size of the tiles proposed would permit an adhered
installation per the requirements of UBC Chapter 14.

The two men with whom I spoke could only recall one such installation but
had no recollection of its performance as either good or bad. (No news is
probably good news.)  However they did recall that the entire building had
metal lath shot to the concrete structure with a mortar scratch coat applied
to true out the building surfaces and to provide a backing with more tooth.
The veneer was attached with a thin set adhesive.

Virtually all of their installations of stone veneers are mechanically
anchored and typically involved larger stones which exceed the maximum size
permitted by Code to be adhered.

Hope this has been of some help.


Brent Koch, P.E.
Livermore, CA

K. Hemmatyar wrote:

I am presently working on a project which involves the design of
 installation method of Granite Cladding on a new 4 storey concrete frame
 building. The Granites are 18"x18"x3/4" and the contractor prefers to
 install them by adhesive agent (without using mechanical fasteners)
 on the exposed concrete.
 If you have some recommendations, please advise.
 Thanks in Advance

 K. (Casey) Hemmatyar, P. Eng.
 Vancouver, B.C.