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LGS - Is the Supplier Li

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The fact of the matter is that the h/t of the web is only relevant because 
web stiffeners were not installed.

The question of who is *responsible* (not liable) is a question for lawyers 
to debate.  The question of who is liable is for a court to determine --- 
unless a person agrees to accept "liability," no one is liable for anything 
until determined by a court of law.

The engineering "fact" [opinion] as you described it, is that the garage door 
header, without stiffeners, is inadequate.  With properly engineered web 
stiffeners, the header *could* be adequate.  What has to be determined is 
who is responsible for specifying the header without stiffeners.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

I have an extreme dislike for the misuse of the words "liable" and 
"liability" and not enough use of the words, "responsible" and