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Earthquake damage

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. > Is anyone aware of differences in earthquake damage that occurred to
. > structures on fill sites vs. cut sites during the Northridge earthquake? 
. > What about damage to structures on transition lots? Did they sustain 
. > additional damage due to non-uniform subsurface conditions?  Any help 
. > would be appreciated.
. > 
. > 
. > Steve Helfrich

EERI's "Earthquake Spectra," November, 1997, page 721, contained some 
interesting information.


"Two mapped geologic units, Qyf and Ts [alluvial], were responsible for 50% 
to 60% of the damages, despite supporting only about 25% of the urban 
development in the mapped area.   ... [A]pproximately 40% of the area's 
damage occurred on Qyf although only about 15% of the area's urbanization 
occurs on it."

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona