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RE: ethics

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>My theory is this list server is not the correct forum to advertise a 
>product or a web page without inquiry for such a product.
>If a fellow engineer is writing this list server in search of a product 
>solution to solve a problem, I think the "lurkers" who represent such a 
>product (or know of such a product) should come out to answer a question 
>and not be feared of being flamed like the software vendor a couple of 
>months ago.
>This person was responding to an inquiry to Intellicad and was a third 
>party provider for this product.  He was definitely viewed as being a 
>little too aggressive in pushing the company name and web page, but I would 
>have never have known where to go to find more info about this product.
>Ed Chin, PE
>Seattle, WA
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>Sent: 	Wednesday, March 25, 1998 9:07 PM
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>Subject: 	ethics
>Is it ethical to put publish a web page promoting
>or simply describing your engineering or design
>firm?  I've seen several examples of this and question
>why this wouldn't be considered advertising and thus
>not ethical practice.
>Mark Pemberton, P. E.

I agree with Ed C. 10000%. Advertising and "touting" ones capabilities are 2
different things. Basic survival for many of us means that we must be able
to "hang out our shingle" at a minimum . This is not advertising but merely
letting the world know we exist and giving all a hint at what we do!! There
is nothing "unethical about this .

Norb Volny, PE