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Re: tilt-up concrete walls

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On 03/25/98 21:20:06 you wrote:
>Does anyone know of a good resource for formula
>derivation for the allowable axial load and bending moment
>in tilt-up concrete walls?  I have several seminar reference
>guides with "idiot" tables giving Pult with a specified
>data.  Interpolation is required for intermediate values and
>can be time consuming.  I figured I would simply create a
>spread sheet that could derive these ultimate loads but not
>been able to find the required equations.  Because these walls
>are so slender, the standard concrete column formulas are
>inadequate.  (even these exact formulas are difficult to find
>for the different rebar layouts)
>I'm assuming the formula uses something more than just a
>moment magnifier as used in long columns, but I could be
>Mark Pemberton, P. E.

There was an organization called 
"The Concrete Tilt - Up Institute"
they put out a manual at one time that
had the various formulas used in the 
design of the panels. 

You were expected to do them by longhand
at that time.

If I find the manual I'll get you the number
or maybe someone else will know of them or
their successor.

Robert W. Stevens, Jr., P.E.