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RE: I don't get it....

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My comments below:

Bill Allen

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See my comments in your text below:

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|First, the answer to the original question. The difference between my post
|and the one on the "micropilots" is that I did not call someone "stupid".

No, you implied a derogetory.

Believe me, my friend, I never try to imply anything. If I have something 
to say, I'll say it.
|While I agree that Mr. Richmond's template has a lot of good features both
|on the use of MathCAD as well as an educational viewpoint of flow charting
|the process of steel beam design, I seriously doubt one could make any
|money designing a building using this tool. I could not. That was the 
|of my comment. This is a long way from calling someone "stupid".

I don't believe that Mr. Richmonds contribution came with attached
stipulations as to suggest any useage of the template.

I dunno, but when his post came as:

"Try my AISC 9th Edition beam programs on the Mathsoft web site at and look for Dale Richmond. These 
are the ONLY simple beam programs that will PICK the most economical beam 
or let the user TRY ANY beam he desires."

It appeared to me as if Mr. Richmond was asking the listserv to "Try his 
program". I looked at it and responded with my opinion.
| |Regards,
|Bill Allen (the one with the bull's eye on his back)

Same to you
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