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New Zealand: Buildings Unsafe in Earthqauke: Proposed Legislation

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Hello Folks

This is for the interest of those who have an interest in processes for 
identifying and making safe buildings that present more than acceptable risk 
in earthquake.

Shafat Qazi has been kind and put three documents onto the list server for 
me.  The files are in Rich Text Format.  One can generally open them in most 
word processing programs.

This posting is on behalf of the New Zealand National Society for Earthquake 
Engineering. (NZNSEE).  We are working with the New Zealand Building 
Industry Authority (BIA) to develop legislation for mitigation of buildings 
that are unsafe in earthquake.

We have had legislation for unreinforced masonry buildings for some 30 
years. This has only been partially successful.  The current legislation is 
also aimed at 1960's non ductile reinforced concrete and steel buildings.

The documents are self explanatory in that light.

On the list server:
File 21,  name-eqsbk.rtf, document 3, is a background paper prepared by the 
study group of NZNSEE.

File 22,  name bia_p1.rtf, document 1, is a background paper produced by 
BIA.  It also addresses sanitary and fire safety as well as for Earthquake.

File 23,  name bia_p2.rtf, document 2, is the wording of the proposed 
(Carefully.  Sorry about the _ and -  inconsistency.)

The documents can be accessed using the "How do I Request Files (From the 
List Server) via E-mail?" instructions from the Seaoc FAQ page.

This information is for the interest of particularly those on the West Coast 
USA, in earthquake country.

We feel that we are presenting a pragmatic approach of 'catching' the worse 
and really dangerous buildings while being mindful of the economics.   The 
process features "high risk buildings"  which in turn have "Critical 
structural Weaknesses" that are likely to lead to collapse and thus 

I will be pleased to receive any comments and to answer any questions.

Bruce Shephard, Principal Consultant Seismic Risk
Opus International Consultants, New Zealand
DD Telephone +64 4 4717597,  Fax +64 4 4711397
Email bruce.shephard(--nospam--at)