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Re: SEAOC - Plan Review Comments - Outrage!!!

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I have to agree with my good friend Dennis McCroskey, you should take the test.
With  all due respect,  and while many of your colleagues would miss your
correspondence, you could prepare for the SE test in the time you spend on
sending e-mail.   I hope you are not offended, by the above suggestion, or by
the following, but this test and the additional qualifications required to sit
for the test, are what was intended to separate the civils from the structurals.

Dennis S. Wish wrote:

> Bill,
> You obviously missed something in the translation when reading my comments
> and adding your understanding of my motivation. I suggest you reread the
> section again.
> We need not waste the money to promote a National exam and tiered-licensing
> if the public will not benefit from it. I doubt that most who know me would
> accuse me of being self-serving in this issue. If you read the article as I
> intended it, you would immediately see that I suggest raising the level of
> the SE II exam so that it is Structural specific. I also clearly state that
> no engineer seeking either the SE II or SE I title should be allowed to pass
> an exam without proving competency in the area of that license.
> The important point, which you missed, is that the exam must be redesigned
> from the ground up. It must not allow the existing criteria to remain that
> allows a Civil, who is undecided about his area of expertise, to cross the
> line at the public's expense. Both exams must be revised so that the SE I
> exam enhances the competency of the SE II exam, not simply rehash what
> should have been part of the any SE II's basic competency skills.
> It's not self-serving to identify a flaw in our licensing system which leads
> to a restraint of trade by excluding an engineer from being able to clearly
> advertise his skill to the public. If you feel that I am self-serving in . . .