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RE: New Zealand: Buildings Unsafe in Earthquake: Proposed Legislation

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It's nice to note that the New Zealand National Society for Earthquake
Engineering(NZNSEE)provides more documents to our SEAOC Web site than our
own SEAOC :>)

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|Subject: New Zealand: Buildings Unsafe in Earthqauke: Proposed
|Hello Folks
|This is for the interest of those who have an interest in processes for
|identifying and making safe buildings that present more than
|acceptable risk
|in earthquake.
|Shafat Qazi has been kind and put three documents onto the list server for
|me.  The files are in Rich Text Format.  One can generally open
|them in most
|word processing programs.
|This posting is on behalf of the New Zealand National Society for
|Engineering. (NZNSEE).  We are working with the New Zealand Building
|Industry Authority (BIA) to develop legislation for mitigation of
|that are unsafe in earthquake.
|We have had legislation for unreinforced masonry buildings for some 30
|years. This has only been partially successful.  The current
|legislation is
|also aimed at 1960's non ductile reinforced concrete and steel buildings.
|The documents are self explanatory in that light.
|On the list server:
|File 21,  name-eqsbk.rtf, document 3, is a background paper
|prepared by the
|study group of NZNSEE.
|File 22,  name bia_p1.rtf, document 1, is a background paper produced by
|BIA.  It also addresses sanitary and fire safety as well as for Earthquake.
|File 23,  name bia_p2.rtf, document 2, is the wording of the proposed
|(Carefully.  Sorry about the _ and -  inconsistency.)
|The documents can be accessed using the "How do I Request Files (From the
|List Server) via E-mail?" instructions from the Seaoc FAQ page.
|This information is for the interest of particularly those on the
|West Coast
|USA, in earthquake country.
|We feel that we are presenting a pragmatic approach of 'catching'
|the worse
|and really dangerous buildings while being mindful of the economics.   The
|process features "high risk buildings"  which in turn have "Critical
|structural Weaknesses" that are likely to lead to collapse and thus
|I will be pleased to receive any comments and to answer any questions.
|Bruce Shephard, Principal Consultant Seismic Risk
|Opus International Consultants, New Zealand
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