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other 'solutions':
1.  get a e-mail reader that can do content keyword filtering,
    and sort them into various folders
2.  look at the subject & press delete
3.  randomly pick a few messages to read & delete the rest
4.  make a guess, predict if there is anything readworthy then
    click delete all
5.  write a rule based expert system which reads all the e-mail


   just wanna have fun:)

On 20 Mar 1998, Richard Lewis wrote:
> seaoc(--nospam--at),Internet writes:
> If  the first two or three words in the 'subject' for every post were taken
> from a standardized list that we all had agreed on, I think that each one of
> us could read primarily the posts that interest us --- having filtered out
> the rest.  That might save each of us, say three hours a week.  And for 6000
> users at say an average billable rate of $60/hr, that's,, uhhhh,  lemme
> see...  $1,080,000 per week we could be pumping into the global village  (or
> 56 megadollars per year).  I think the President's economists would hop up
> and notice (they would know exactly what happened), and Bill would be
> on-line shortly to congratulate us!