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Re: COMP:Linking Spreadsheets to external databases

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The easiest way I know of uses Excel97. You can translate what you can to QuattroPro. I am no longer that familiar with QP (although it was my first spreadsheet, Quattro v. 1.0).
  1. Convert your AISC database into a spreadsheet (separate from your analysis spreadsheet).
  2. Create a link between your analysis spreadsheet to your AISC spreadsheet.
  3. Use the VLOOKUP function to pull the data from the AISC spreadsheet to the analysis spreadsheet.
You only have to have the AISC spreadsheet open when you create the link. If you move the AISC spreadsheet, you may have to re-create the link, so put it in a place that you don't think will ever have to move. 
I believe the above three tasks can be done in QuattroPro.
Additionally, if you are in Excel97, you can add a combo box to your analysis spreadsheet that contains the shape names (i.e., W10X30). The user then can "pick" a section rather than typing it in (reducing errors). I'm not sure if QP can use a combo box control, but I doubt it.
If you need assistance, contact me privately and we can work on it together.
Bill Allen 
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Subject: COMP:Linking Spreadsheets to external databases

OK, here's a question that I would Love someone to be able to answer:  does
anyone know how to link a spreadsheet to an external database?

Specifically, we use Quattro Pro spreadsheets to do alot of calculations.
We have wanted to be able to type a steel shape size and have the
spreadsheet access an external database of section properties and "pull in"
the desired properties to the spreadsheet into specific cell addresses for
design.  If someone has experience with this and could explain how it is
done, I would greatly appreciate it.  If anyone has an example, even
better!  The manual is not very clear on this subject.

Thank you!


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