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Re: Hardy Frame, between code changes

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Subject: Re: Hardy Frame, between code changes

As a
>professional licensed engineer, you have a responsibility to design to
>incorporate the best available thinking into your design not just blindly
>finally the letter of the Code book.  Particularly in circumstances following
>a "learning experience" such as an earthquake, are we bound to wait for code
>changes to be written and adopted before we try to pass on our experience into

Do you not have the conundrum that existing legal proscription may weigh against you if you use parameters that are not "legal" at time of use?  I.e. even if new thinking is "superior" I wonder if you don't have the potential for a case against you for using parameters not yet "legal", especially if it results in:  a) a more expensive structure or b) the new thinking fails in an event.

Thor Tandy  P.Eng,  MCSCE
Victoria BC